Other Testing
Metal Test Using Urine

The general kits can test a range of eight heavy metals namely:


We use this tool if we are seeing metals in the blood. This will confirm the type of metals we are dealing with.
Adrenal Testing

It checks the user's urine for salt content and from there we are able to ascertain if the adrenals are "hyper", "normal" or "fatigued". This will allow the user to take the necessary action to correct "hyper" or "fatigued" adrenals with supplementation and or diet.

This is an in office urine test. This also confirms the findings of different forms of stress in the blood.
Calcium Leaching Testing

This urine test measures calcium being excreted from the body.
Free Radical Testing

The Free Radical Test kit tests urine. By the depth of the colour it determines how much diet change is required.
Food Allergens

Can be seen in live blood testing. However exact food allergens can be done in office from one of our Naturopathic doctors.