Chronic Care Clinic

Chronic Care Clinic

Shannon Gregory LBA and Jane Goehner ND have collaborated to create a unique integrative visit with a special focus on immune health and chronic infections such as

  1. Lyme disease and co-infections
  2. EBV Epstein Barr Virus
  3. Chronic viral infections
  4. Upper respiratory tract, reoccurring strep and sinus infections
  5. Urinary tract infections
  6. Fibromyalgia, Arthritis
  7. Intestinal dysbiosis such as SIBO and autoimmune conditions

Our expertise and passion for exploring the immune system, biological medicine and the microbiome continue to grow as we work with patients to discover the root cause of their symptoms and develop a comprehensive plan to recover and heal.

Your visit initial at the Chronic Care clinic will be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, prior to your visit we will ask you to fill out a health assessment/intake form and a symptom questionnaire.

The consultation will begin with a live blood cell assessment with Shannon Gregory LBA using a high-powered microscope. Jane Goehner ND will join the visit to view the blood smears and together we will explore this amazing “world within” Watching your white blood cells activity, monitoring changes in your red blood cells size, shape and cell membrane integrity, noting the clarity of the plasma and having a peak into our living and adapting microbiome is a truly fascinating experience. Live blood cell analysis is non-diagnostic, however it is pivotal in providing us with an overview of your health and guiding us to areas of need for further investigation.

The second part of your visit will include urine testing to assess pH, inflammation, infection and adrenal function followed by a naturopathic assessment with Jane Goehner ND including a focused medical history and complaint-oriented physical exam. Additional lab testing including blood work, Armin lab testing, hair mineral analysis and more are available for request as indicated.

Based on all our assessments and the presenting clinical picture we will create a naturopathic treatment plan to guide you on the road to health, this may include lifestyle recommendations, nutritional support, herbal or homeopathic supplements to support health.

Follow-up visits also include and integrated live cell assessment and will be 30 minutes in length to monitor progress and allow for adjustments in your treatment plan.

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